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Our approach We combine the potential of the location with thoughtful urbanism in order to create premises that improve the quality of life.

We create focused on
details, efficiency, and functionality

Plenty of light
Functional space
Elaborate layouts
Dostatok svetla
Funkčný priestor
Premyslené dispozície
Zvuková izolácia

We create housing where every square meter has a particular purpose. The shape and type of space is ready for its future use, we minimize corridors and maximize natural lighting.

In a flat or an office, we isolate noise from neighbours thanks to high-quality sound insulation. Fresh air is filtered by heat recovery units or air purifiers at the Ulpa filtration level. Our clients have the opportunity to use all the compact, maintenance-free and energy-saving technologies.

We create in an
innovative and sustainable way


We constantly accelerate and improve the construction process through automation and the use of the latest technologies, so that the buildings are built more accurately, of higher quality and within a set time horizon.

We also use prefabrication during construction. This technology allows for the mass production of diverse parts that fold together like Lego. Thanks to this, we eliminate wet processes, minimize construction waste and transport costs. The main advantage of prefabrication is manufacturing accuracy. Prefabricated parts are machine-precise, easily mobile and have perfect surfaces.

To reduce energy consumption, we use all currently available technologies such as recuperation, heat pumps, wind and solar energy, or green roofs. We also prepare buildings for the possible future use of technologies such as hydrogen technology.

We create in an
space for community

Green areas
Zelené okolie

We enliven the buildings with greenery in the surroundings and we always cooperate on its creation with the professional public. Our philosophy is to create a high-quality green space which will not only be visually attractive, but also fully functional and easy to maintain in the given space.

We have succeeded in satisfying a wide range of people’s needs thanks to thorough community planning and analysis. We have also been engaged in community architecture and minimalism in architecture for a long time. Both these trends represent the pillars of modern housing and an ideal way of achieving harmony between man, nature and society.

In our work, we focus on the broader context of a particular location and take its character into account. The layout of individual elements is created in accordance with the wishes and needs of residents. Our goal is to create a peaceful, functional and perfectly interconnected whole in which people live happily, do business and have everything important at their fingertips.